2014 Word – ROOM

Everyone else is doing an #EmptyShelf this year. But I want to leave more Empty ROOM everywhere! My word for 2014: ROOM, from WITH ROOM. I’m not a fan of the crazy, rushed Starbucks line but I do love the concept of leaving my “cup” WITH ROOM. I love a good blog post that sticks with you and a friend’s post about Christmas WITH ROOM has stuck: http://daleskram.com/?p=168.Image It has stayed on my mind since I read it last week and will be moving into the New Year with me as well. The last several months I’ve been making ROOM- in my house, my life, and my heart for more (and my bank accounts as always too). More space, more quiet, more peace, more quality time with God, myself, my husband, my kids and my friends. It’s a work in progress so WITH ROOM now follows me into 2014 as well.

What do you need to leave ROOM for in 2014? What is your word or phrase or intention?

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