Happy New Year!


Here comes 2014

2014 Here we go!

It’s 2014 already! I’m Blessed to be Awake and Alive and full of Hope and Love. I’m filled with Hope to Believe things can change for the better. I realize that mainly it’s ME needing to make the changes. I’ll be praying God works miracles in ME to live the life He designed for me, so my family can see Him through me. I’m praying to be the woman He created me to be. My prayers will be focused on making Room for: 1) Being a woman of God who respects herself, her body and fulfills her own needs. 2) Being an accepting, loving, respectful wife who isn’t trying to change her man but just love him for whom he is. 3) Being a mommy who embraces, listens, loves and plays. 4) Being a good steward of our financial resources and learning to embrace financial wealth, especially through Plexus. 5) Being willing to let toxic stuff from the past go!!! OK God. This is a big list. You have brought me to this so I know you’ll bring me through this. I would love to hear your hopes and prayers for the coming year.

By the way, starting this blog means I have officially reached a short-term goal for 2014. Actually, it’s been a goal of mine to start this blog since 2010. But it sounds much better to say it was a 2014 goal that I’ve already accomplished. Never give up on your hopes and dreams. Keep them for as long as it takes. If you can’t mark it off the list today, put it back on the list tomorrow, or the next day, or the next. Just keep your dreams alive. It’s going to be a great year!

Welcome 2014!

Welcome 2014!


Would love to hear from You!

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